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The world’s most powerful NAD therapeutics. Science backed innovation.

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Reach New Levels of Health

Our range of specialised IV therapies are designed to elevate you to a whole new level. Efficacy in our science led protocols is compounded by our diagnostic innovation, with regular and accurate testing being at the core of our programs & philosophy.

Every NADclinic location is a centre of excellence, a human performance centre delivering a unique holistic approach to optimised health and personalised longevity.


Knowing about your body is the first step to healing and staying healthy.

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About NADclinic

NADclinic are global pioneers in NAD+ IV therapy and personalised Pharma grade IV protocols and vitamin injections.

Each NADclinic therapy is meticulously curated to assist in maximising cellular and metabolic health, optimising physical and mental performance, and increasing longevity. Choose from a range of single IV infusions or extended hyper-personalised programmes, delivered in one of our exclusive clinic locations, or if you prefer, at your home, office or hotel via our 5* concierge service. #Resettheclock

Customer Reviews

Consistently rated above 4.8 stars on Trustpilot

4.8 Stars
From 115 people
Ash Southgate
United Kingdom

Marylyn my nurse was fantastic a joy to be with her in such a difficult time

Lynne Barnard
South Africa

Fantastic Experience. Warm efficient staff. Thank you Sydney for accommodating me when I needed treatment. Already feel a difference.

Takalani Magoro
South Africa

Great service, we were treated like royalty

L Ostendorf
United Kingdom

The knowledge and care of the whole team cannot be underestimated. They listened and adapted the therapy at every step to ensure maximum results. The friendliness of the staff, the in depth knowledge of the doctors and nurses and Ruby’s explanation of the whole process put me totally at ease. I felt safe and supported during the week’s treatment. I can highly recommend NAD.

Paolina Antognetti

The nurse was so caring and really looked after me ! And the energy I feel afterwards is unbelievable ! Totally recommend everyone to try it!

United Kingdom

I would like to say this clinic is by far the best clinic in London.
I have been to many clinics around the London area. These guys are doing a fabulous job, very knowledgeable and friendly.
The clinic is very clean, good value for money and the staff are amazing. I think khadeeja who is the nurse is such an amazing soul. She makes you feel at home and is just someone who is full off energy and life.
As for the management I have dealt with Alexis (pardon me if I got the name wrong) again she is amazing.
I have just had my second treatment done and will be using this clinic atleast once a month.
Someone who is very health conscious and in the health industry I can’t stress how important the Nad is and the results are amazing.

I hope these guys Keep up the hard work and for all those who have not tried or are thinking off having any treatments you will thank me after paying these guys a visit. All the best.

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Take a proactive approach to your health, optimise your mental clarity and stay ahead of the game. Speak to one of our expert wellness practitioners today about restoring and optimising your body’s natural balance.

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5 June 2024

The Science Behind Enhanced Optima Max

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29 May 2024

The Optima Max Gift Box Set – Three Longevity Powerhouses in One Set

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