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Personalised Longevity with our Bespoke Programmes

Bespoke IV Programmes

No two people are the same. So, no two infusion protocols should be. As an extension of our VIP Rejuvenation programme, our bespoke, IV protocols are fully tailored around your health profile, lifestyle, and individual objectives. We also include our comprehensive signature blood analysis in every bespoke package to ensure we have a solid baseline. 

Specialist Doctor's Consultation

At NADclinic, it all starts with a consultation. This is when our team of specialists will gain a thorough understanding of your concerns, allowing us to always provide the best solution. We will thereafter assist you in choosing the right products and services. We will guide you in deciding on the optimum analysis and diagnostic tests, assess your nutrient and vitamin levels, and help identify potential underlying health issues. This will help us put together a tailored IV programme to elevate your nutrient deficiencies to optimum levels. 

Many of us are living extraordinarily busy, stressful lives. Excessive alcohol and cigarettes, as well as poor diets and lifestyle choices. This, in turn, impacts who we are, how we feel, and how we perform. Our team of medical experts will understand your situation and professionally and compassionately advise on the best available programme to defrag and reset the clock, quickly restoring you to your best self. 

How old are you really?

Telomeres shorten in every cell-division cycle and the decreasing of their length is directly associated with ageing. Being able to maintain longer telomeres is related to increased lifespan and a reduction in the onset and development of age-related conditions. Knowing your biological age and comparing this against your chronological age, allows our professional team to clearly understand your current health profile. We can better guide and personalise your cellular health plan. 

Mitochondria—Fundamental to Life and Health

Our scientific and medical team have become progressively more aware of the foundational importance of optimal mitochondrial function for health. There is a  growing body of research showing that dysfunction is surprisingly common, and that this is associated with most chronic disease and debilitating conditions. Prior to every successful therapy, we like to make sure that there is always the right diagnosis. To better understand accurately the health of your mitochondria NADclinic uses a special functional cell activity test which provides our medical experts with the essential information needed in order to create an individualised infusion programme. 

Tailor-made IV Therapy Plan

We are all different, so no two infusions programmes should be the same. That's the thinking behind our bespoke NAD+ Infusions. Our medical team will review your medical history, analyse the results of your test results on a granular level, and curate an IV therapy protocol tailored to your specific health needs and personal goals.


Reduce your Biological age

Fortify your immune system

Optimise your cellular health

Reach your Personal Health Goals

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