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Cell Activity Blood Test

This blood test has been designed to deliver multi parameter analysis of mitochondrial performance to highlight any signs of oxidative stress or deficiencies which could be early warning signs of chronic diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, and neurodegeneration.

Price: £499

Examine Your Cell Health and Optimise Your Mitochondria

Cell Activity Blood Test

Price from £499

Our cell activity blood test can highlight early warning signs of chronic diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes & neurodegeneration.

Check your cells and energy production

For successful therapy, you need the right diagnosis. In our body all basic functions are dependent on healthy cells. For the diagnosis of the health of your mitochondria (central to cell activity) NADclinic uses a special functional cell activity test. This will provide our experts with essential information to create an individualized therapy. 

This test has been specifically designed to check mitochondrial activity and viability to understand the status of our cells. The results will take up to 5 working days and will give you the following information:

What's measured?

  • The current "health" of the cells
  • The bioenergetic or mitochondrial status of the cells
  • The oxidative and/or nitrosative state of the cells
  • The oxygen consumption of the cells as well as other oxygen-consuming processes (such as inflammation or heavy metal pollution)
  • The efficiency of the mitochondria
  • The availability of mitochondrial reserve capacity for energy production

What's included?

A blood sample is required for this service.

  • 30-minute consultation with the NAD+ Doctor
  • Phlebotomy, nurse & lab fees
  • Health assessment review
  • Tailored infusion treatment plan
  • Doctor-written review and comprehensive results
  • Results in 5 days

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