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IV Therapy Programmes

Our IV infusion therapy programmes are longer, more intense versions of our single infusions. They’re ideal for those looking for a more effective and longer-lasting result. Instead of receiving one single IV infusion, you’ll experience multiple IV infusions over a few weeks. Whether you’re looking to fight chronic fatigue, boost your immune system or get aesthetic results, our cutting-edge regenerative IV therapy can help you become the very best you can be with. Browse our range of IV infusion programmes below.

Executive High Flyer Plus IV Programme

Duration - 5 sessions, 60-120 min per session Price from £2,800

Our most popular protocol amongst city traders, entrepreneurs, business executives and those in the entertainment industry.

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Alcohol Detox IV Programme

Duration - 5 Sessions, 120 min per session Price from £2,800

Probably the most successful detoxification programme available today with a reliable 90% success rate. It has a cost and duration that’s a fraction of that typically charged by rehabilitation centres.


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NAD+ Fat Burner Advanced IV Programme

Duration - 10 sessions, 40-60 min per session Price from £4,000

The Fat Burner IV Infusion Programme is a more intensive version of a single Fat Burner IV Infusion, giving you even better results.

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Immune Boost IV Programme

Duration - 3 sessions, 60-90 min per session Price from £2,200

Give your immune system a kick with this anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-histamine boost that charges your energy and replenishes vitamins and minerals.

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Skin Brightening IV Programme

Duration - 8 sessions, 30-40 min per session Price from £2,000

Target areas of hyperpigmentation and even out skin tone with our NAD+ Skin Brightening IV Infusion.

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Hair Rejuvenation IV Programme

Duration - 5 sessions, 40-60 min per session Price from £2,400

Whether it’s age, stress, genetics, or hormones, that’s causing your hair to thin or fall out, our hair rejuvenation IV infusion can help.


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Debilitating Virus IV Therapy Programme

Duration - 10 sessions Price from £5,000

Replenish your NAD+ levels after a debilitating viral infection, repair cellular damage and help your body develop a better immune response to a viral attack.

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Signature Bespoke NAD+ IV Infusions

No two people are the same. So no two infusions should be. That’s the thinking behind our bespoke NAD+ Infusions. As an extension of our VIP Rejuvenation program, these packages are fully tailored to you, your needs and your lifestyle. We also include our comprehensive signature blood analysis in every signature bespoke package.

Bespoke Infusions

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