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Welcome to NADclinic Group

Pioneering Personalised Health Innovation

Welcome to NADclinic Group

At NADclinic, we’re proud to be an innovative, forward-thinking and truly transformational company that gives our clients the opportunity to ‘be their best selves. With our team of medical professionals specialising in nutrition, neurology and complementary therapies, we aim to improve your psychological health, along with your physical health and performance. We do this by harnessing the unique power of essential and life-changing NAD+, a molecule that helps our cells produce energy. It can mitigate the debilitating effects of ageing, illness and chronic pain.

Our First Clinic Opened in London, 2018

NADclinic, a specialist IV clinic and global supplier of NAD+ medical grade products, first opened its doors in 2018, within the world-renowned Harley Street Medical District. Located at 27 Wimpole Street, Marylebone. We operate as teams of experts with world-class resources, dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of wellness care. 

Our Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy and organisation's mantra is that even when you’re well, we believe you can always be better. Why wouldn’t everyone wish to be the very best version of themselves? We love helping people reach their full potential and enabling them to exceed their highest expectations of what they thought was possible. It’s what drives us as a company and it’s the ethos upon which we’ve built NADclinic. Because of this, we have assembled a rapidly expanding footprint of likeminded partners. Don’t just settle for average, strive to be the best you can mentally & physically. #HumanPerformance

Leadership Team

Iain De Havilland

Founder & CEO

Yuqi Feng


Kaifeng Kang

Lead Corporate Advisor

Takuya Ogawa

Head of New Business (Asia Region)

Medical & Science Team

Adrien Duvillard

Dr. Lukas H. Kohler

Chief Medical Officer | NADclinic D,A,CH

Dr Alexander Julienne Audette (TCMP., R.Ac., B.Eng)

Chief Scientific Officer - NADclinic Japan

Dr. med. Joachim Ahlers, MD MMA

Swiss Medical Director

Dr. Biser Pukalski

Medical Consultant London

Birgit Kröhle

Leona Kroehle

Chief Medical Advisor | NADclinic D,A,CH

Dr Henry Davis

Medical Director South Africa

Sydney Grove

General Manager SA

Charmaine Pandya

Mind Coach & Trainer

Emma Stander

Head of R&D SA

Gustav Coetzee

Scientific Advisor

Monique Blair

Nurse London

Paula Cerrioni

Nurse London

Admin & Legal Team

Andrew Flitcroft

Finance Director

Owen Keane

Legal Counsel

DK Jia Miao

Project Director

Natasha Whitehead

HR & Operation Manager, London

QI Shao

Clinic Administration Manager, London

Alexandra Basford MSc

Medical Administrator London

Marketing & Communications Team

Lucas Coe

Head of Forever Agency

Kirsty MacMillan

Account Director - Forever Agency

Huijun Zhu

Social Media Manager (China & UK)

What is NAD+ and how does it work?

The ‘miracle molecule’. NAD+ contributes to improved energy levels and vitality, mental clarity, and improved metabolism, cardiovascular health, and neuroprotection.

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