Founders Message


My name is Iain De Havilland and I am the founder and CEO of the NADclinic Group of Companies. A journey of innovation and dedication.

Nadclinic’s primary focus is to develop & deliver innovating outpatient NAD+ ( Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) IV therapy programs that deal with age and lifestyle related to debilitating psychological & physical conditions. Many of these all too common disorders disrupt and impact our physical & mental health and performance. They impact our careers, our family life, our relationships and emotional connection. NADclinic specialises in cellular rejuvenation, primarily promoting brain regeneration, personal optimisation therapy, as well as conditions such as chronic fatigue, stress & anxiety, anti-ageing & detoxification via intravenous NAD+ and complementary therapies.

For 20+ years I worked in the high-pressure arena of global trading & financial services primarily in international markets. I travelled frequently, I was always under pressure to hit deadlines and targets, constantly tired, jet-lagged, stressed & burned out physically & emotionally. To further compound my lifestyle I socialised, partied & drank heavily. Basically burning the candles at both ends. Eventually, something had to give. I didn’t want to live like this anymore and so I made a choice to change my life. I decided to go on a journey of personal improvement & discovery.

One such therapy experience that I was introduced to during this next chapter in my life was the NAD+ IV protocol. Discovering NAD+ was actually quite by chance however I was fortunate enough to be introduced via the original South African NAD pioneers. By this time I was already very much intrigued by Brain Hacking and Bio Hacking and spent much of my time exploring ways in which humans can optimise themselves both physically and mentally. I discovered that NAD+ IV therapy was starting to gain popularity in the US via specialist treatment centres such as Springfield Wellness and the NADtreatmentcenter however these were primarily facilities focused on addiction. I was looking for something different, I wanted to focus on holistic optimisation. Once I had personally experienced an NAD+ IV therapy for the first time I was hooked, within a few short days I was completely rebalanced & rejuvenated. I felt the best I had in years. The results were astounding! After much consideration, research and experimenting with NAD+ and the myriad underlying physiological benefits this miracle molecule offered, I made the decision to focus full time on the project. The idea for NADclinic was born. In early 2018 and with the help of many of the original NAD+ experts and pioneers I had been fortunate enough to meet along the way, i decided to set up the NADclinic group. My vision was simple. We wanted to set up specialist NAD+ IV therapy clinics in every major city in the world offering both in clinic and domiciliary treatment (Home, Office, Hotel) in a standardised format and available on a “on-demand” basis.

Our expert partner SA Research & Development Team have been pioneering NAD+ Cellular Optimisation for 30+ years. In collaboration with Alclin Pty Ltd SA, we now produce and supply the purest NAD+ products available on the market. All of our proprietary branded NAD+ IV and NAD+ supplements are produced in our state of the art GMP & FDA approved SA production facility under stringent FDA approved compliance and testing procedures. Alclin Pty Ltd & NADclinic in collaboration have now produced & delivered in excess of 10,000 NAD+ IV treatments to date.

The NADclinic Story was inspired & created by a coming together of South Africa’s pioneering NAD+ IV therapy founders, an amazing pharmacological R&D dept, specialist doctors & nurses and an outstanding back office team. I am very proud to be part of it. We have two NADclinic signature rejuvenation clinics open currently, one in London’s Harley St medical district at 27 Wimpole St and another clinic in Century City Cape Town. There are many more global locations in the pipeline currently and we are actively promoting a franchise model via existing reputable clinics and medical professionals. We have also recently launched a range of branded NAD oral supplements and NAD vapes that are available online via Amazon and many reputable health & wellness stores.

Our message is simple, In a world where you can be anything you want, be your best self.