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Overcome Debilitating Viral Infections

IV Infusions for Debilitating Viruses

Ward off and Reduce your chance of contracting debilitating viruses by solidifying your natural defences and fortifying your immune system.

Debilitating Virus IV Therapy Programme

Duration - 10 sessions Price from £5,000

Replenish your NAD+ levels after a debilitating viral infection, repair cellular damage and help your body develop a better immune response to a viral attack.

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Vitamin Immune Booster IV Infusion

Duration - 40-60 minutes Price from £449

Stress, excessive food intake, exhaustion, and a sedentary lifestyle - isn’t just physically draining on us. Our cells feel the pressure too.

Ingredients: NAD+(Optional), Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Glutathione, and Immune (which includes Arginine, Lysine, Glutamine, Taurine etc.) 

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High Dose Vitamin C IV Programme

Duration - 12 sessions, 40-60 min per session Price from £3,500

Give your immune system a kick with this anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-histamine boost that charges your energy and replenishes vitamins and minerals.

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At NADclinic, it all starts with a consultation. Here, our team of experts will help identify low nutrient levels and other underlying health issues, before putting together a tailored programme to help restore your NAD+ to optimum levels.

Just a few short days after you’ve had NAD+ IV Therapy, you’ll enjoy enhanced focus, memory and performance, as well as increased energy and better mental clarity. In short, you’ll feel like a new person.

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