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About IV Therapy

IV Therapy Athens/Mykonos is a mobile leading provider of at-home specialised intravenous therapy services, offering a range of innovative and personalised treatments to optimise health and well-being. With their team of highly trained medical professionals, they are dedicated to delivering safe, effective, and convenient intravenous therapies tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

IV Therapy was founded by Dr. Voutsas Paschalis MD.MSc and Dr. Dr Menis Nikos MD, an anaesthesiologist and radiologist respectively, in Greece. They understand the importance of maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle in today's fast-paced world. Their mission is to empower individuals to take charge of their well-being by providing them with the highest quality IV therapy solutions. Whether you're seeking to enhance your athletic performance, recover from a demanding workout, boost your immune system, combat fatigue, or simply rejuvenate your body, their comprehensive range of intravenous treatments has got you covered.

IV Therapy Athens/Mykonos prides itself on using only the highest quality ingredients and pharmaceutical-grade solutions, sourced from trusted suppliers. They adhere to strict industry standards and follow rigorous protocols to ensure the safety, purity, and effectiveness of their treatments. Their commitment to excellence extends beyond the therapies, as they also prioritise providing a comfortable and relaxing at home environment where you can unwind and rejuvenate during your session.

What IV Therapy offer

With a wide selection of IV options available, IV Therapy Athens/Mykonos offers treatments that are infused with essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and hydration fluids directly into your bloodstream.

Additionally they offer IV Premium Treatment that includes NAD+, a coenzyme found in all living cells that plays a critical role in energy metabolism, DNA repair, cellular communication, and maintaining overall cellular health.

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IV Therapy
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Our Infusions and Therapies at IV Therapy

NAD+ Single Infusion

NAD+ Executive Plus
NAD+ Anti Fatigue
NAD+ Detox
NAD+ Fat Burner
NAD+ Jet Lag
NAD+ Immune Boost

NAD+ Program Infusions

NAD+ Executive
NAD+ Detox
NAD+ Fat Burner
NAD+ Long Covid
NAD+ Immune Plus
NAD+ Bespoke

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Mobile IV therapy treatment in Athens
High-end in-house services
Medical experts
One-to-one consultation
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