As spring is upon us, now is as good a time as any to evaluate your health and wellbeing and give your body a little spring cleaning. It’s natural to pick up a few bad habits over the winter period but as the weather warms up and the days get longer, it’s important to take stock and see if there are any tweaks we can make to our routine to feel healthier, happier and more productive.

Fancy a fresh start? Here are a few simple ways to give your health a spring cleaning.

Start moving more

Winter is a time for hunkering down and almost going into hibernation, at least in the UK. But it does mean that our level of movement drops dramatically. Now the days are a little brighter, the sun is breaking through the clouds and the temperature is rising, it’s important to get moving. And if you can - do it outside. A walk outside is a great way to invigorate the mind and body. If you’re having a stressful day and you’re having trouble focusing, a walk outside can refresh your mind and boost your cognitive abilities. By the time you get back to your desk you’ll be a new person.


You may not think you’re dehydrated but many of us are, especially as we head into spring. This is because during the cold winter months, we just naturally consume less water. Instead we turn to other beverages such as alcohol and coffee which makes us tired and sluggish. This, coupled with central heating and cold winter air leaves us quite severely dehydrated. Reach for the water bottle this spring, your lips, skin, kidneys and brain will thank you!

Analyse your diet

Winter food is hearty and warming, but too much isn’t good for us. During winter we reach for comfort foods like fast food and sugary treats which may make us feel good in the short term but aren’t healthy long term. Research indicates that a high sugar intake increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, even if you are not overweight, and can even compromise brain function. Take a look at your diet and see where you can improve. Now the weather is improving, make sure your diet reflects that. Think lean meat and fish and loading up on seasonal veggies.

Make goals and commitments to yourself

New Year’s Resolutions may be commonplace but we think a better time to set yourself personal and professional goals is when spring commences. It’s the perfect time for a fresh start. Having a goal to work towards can be extremely beneficial to not only the mind but, if it’s a physical goal, the body too. Set your mind to something and work towards it. It will energise you in a way you never thought possible.

Get therapeutic help

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