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NADclinic Partner: The Ennio de Bartolomei Clinic


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About The Ennio de Bartolomei Clinic

The Ennio de Bartolomei Clinic was established in 2010 in Roma by Ennio de Bartolomei. Ennio de Bartolomei is a medical doctor specialising in Oncology. At first his primary focus was to treat oncologist patients with Oncologic integrated therapies. Over time Mr. De Bartolomei realised that this type of treatments could be used also as prevention in reverse anti-ageing. He developed his own protocols for regenerative therapy of precision, protocols for reverse anti-aging, bioidentical hormone therapy, among others.

In 2015 another clinic was open in Verona and today this is the main location for the De Bartolomei clinic. Verona was selected due to its logistic location: it is easy to get there from West, East, South and North of Italy and since its opening the clinic has grown steadily over the years. We maintain a small clinic in Rome where we give services to our patients on needed bases as well as we respond to our clinics calls on demand.

In our clinic we help our patients to be well equipped to face the ageing of our bodies, and/or to mitigate chronic degenerative diseases, to prevent/reduce stress and to optimse our patient’s natural balance.

The Ennio de Bartolomei Clinic Team

Our protocols focus on NAD+I V and other products such as spermidine, peptides, lipoic acid, glutathione B complex, bio arginine, vitamin C promote the restoration of cellular functions, eliminating dysfunctional cells by slowing or reversing the senescence process all aimed at exploiting the biological reserve of life.

Our team includes: Mr. De Bartolomei, Chief Medical Officer, Mr. Huber Gemela, medical assistance, Mrs. Aneta Gemela, Operational/Administrative Manager supported by nurse staff.

NADclinic Partner Verona


Stradone Porta Palio 68,

37122 Verona


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Monday: 8:30-13:00, 15:00-18:00
Tuesday: 8:30-13:00, 15:00-18:00
Wednesday: 8:30-13:00, 15:00-18:00
Thursday: 8:30-13:00, 15:00-18:00
Friday: 8:30-13:00, 15:00-18:00
Saturday: 8:30-13:00, 15:00-18:00
Sunday: 8:30-13:00, 15:00-18:00


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Our Infusions and Therapies at The Ennio de Bartolomei Clinic

NAD+ Single Infusion

NAD+ Executive Plus
NAD+ Anti Fatigue
NAD+ Detox
NAD+ Fat Burner
NAD+ Jet Lag
NAD+ Immune Boost

NAD+ Program Infusions

NAD+ Executive
NAD+ Detox
NAD+ Fat Burner
NAD+ Long Covid
NAD+ Immune Plus
NAD+ Bespoke

Additional Therpies Available

Ozonoterapia Ozono treatment
Infusion NAD+ custom made
Treatment for ossidative stress
Extension Life Treatment
Fatigue Treatment
Fibromyalgia Fatigue Treatment
Treatment of viral infections


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