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NAD+ Infusion in Cape Town

Nutrificiency Delivered at NADclinic Century City Cape Town in private professional and discreet setting.

Take a proactive approach to your health, optimise your mental clarity and stay ahead of game. Speak to one of our experienced wellness practitioners today about restoring and optimising your body's natural balance. NAD+ IV promotes cellular regeneration, repairs DNA, protects brain cells, and reduces internal- inflammation turning on key enzymes that slow down ageing. 

We Come To Your Door

Don't have the time to come to the clinic? We can come to you.

For our Cape Town clients, we can arrange transport door-to-door, so that all you have to do to kickstart your detox, vitamin top-up or anti fatigue treatment is step into your waiting cab. Even better, we can bring our medical professionals to you – so all you have to do is answer the door.

Enjoy the benefits of NAD+ IV therapy from the comfort and convenience of your own home...wherever in the world that may be! We operate a COVID-19 safe service & comply with all relevant regulations.

Meet our Team in Cape Town

Dr Henry Davis

Medical Director South Africa

Sydney Grove

General Manager SA

NADclinic Cape Town


The Gatehouse

Floor 2, Century Way

Century City

7411 Cape Town

South Africa

Call us +27 (0) 21 110 5775

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