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Cutting Edge Therapy

CJA Clinics offer some of the best non-invasive anti-ageing treatments for men and women in Hampshire and West Sussex. It operates state-of-the-art medical-grade technology - and offers a range of NADclinic IV programs and diagnostics. In addition, they are experts in facial aesthetics, body sculpting, toning, fat reduction and much more.

A Patient-Focussed Approach

CJA Clinics are headed by Dr Chris Airey and Dr Lauren Airey, who are both fully qualified and registered doctors with the GMC (General Medical Council). They have extensive experience in non-surgical aesthetic treatments as well as being well-respected NHS doctors, working in Emergency Medicine and Acute Medicine respectively.

Dr Chris Airey

Dr Chris Airey BMBS MMedSc Dip ENDO, is a fully registered doctor with the GMC (General Medical Council) and Care Quality Council (CQC) in the UK, with extensive experience in testosterone replacement therapy.

He trained at The University Hospital Southampton and went on to graduate as a doctor with a joint Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery plus a masters degree in Medical Sciences, completing his research project in the Medical Neurosciences Department. He holds a post-graduate diploma in Endocrinology with the University of South Wales.

“I'm truly honoured to be one of the first U.K. doctors to be offering this cutting edge therapy in my clinic and look forward to enriching the lives of my patients in Hampshire and the South of England. I believe in a patient-focused approach with no two people being the same, so it was astounding to me that the one size fits all approach to health and ageing should still be common practice.”

NADclinic Partner Southampton


CJA Lifestyle

2-4 Canute Road


Hampshire SO14 3FH

United Kingdom

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Monday   : 10:00 am – 05:00 pm
Tuesday   : 10:00 am – 05:00 pm (No doctor Present)
Thursday : 10:00 am – 08:00 pm
Friday      : 10:00 am – 05:00 pm
Saturday  : 09:30 am – 04:00 pm

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Our Infusions & Therapies at southampton

NAD+ Single Infusion

NAD+ Executive Plus
NAD+ Anti Fatigue
NAD+ Detox
NAD+ Fat Burner
NAD+ Jet Lag
NAD+ Immune Boost

NAD+ Program Infusions

NAD+ Executive
NAD+ Detox
NAD+ Fat Burner
NAD+ Long Covid
NAD+ Immune Plus
NAD+ Bespoken

Complementary Therapy

DNA Testing
Measuring Biological Age
Blood Testing
Full Body Scan


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