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Express IV Infusion

Our proprietary NAD+ will give your system the energy it needs to handle all challenges and troubles within your week. It keeps you effectively productive and reduces the post-lunch slump or daily fatigue signs.

Includes: NAD+, Glutathione

Duration: 20-30 mins

Price: £180

A Quick Solution To Stay Ahead Of The Game

Express IV Infusion

Duration - 20-30 mins Price from £180

A low NAD+ level affects your overall wellbeing and influences your energy supply during the day. This infusion is specially designed for when you feel low on energy, but have a busy week ahead of you.

Ingredients: NAD+, Glutathione

Quick and Effective

For many years NADclinic has successfully treated exhaustion and listlessness with NAD+. A lot of patients stated they had trouble staying focused throughout the week or even just the day. Therefore, we created the NAD+ Express Infusion which will keep you physically and cognitively fit during the week. Since our infusion only takes around 30 minutes, it's perfectly designed for a lunchtime break or between meetings.

Be Ahead of Others

Fight mental exhaustion, the afternoon slump, and postprandial fatigue and get a kick-start for your energy production. NAD+ together with the master antioxidant, glutathione, gives your body the perfect kick-start to increase your energy production and boost your mood and motivation. Our Infusion is designed for everyone struggling to complete their daily tasks in a satisfactory manner.

Helps To...

Increase Energy Levels

Fight The Post-Lunch Slump

Boost Cognitive Function

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