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Hyper-Personalised NAD+ IV Protocols for Optimised Health and Vitality

NADclinic are global pioneers in NAD+ IV therapy and personalised Pharma grade IV protocols and vitamin injections. Each NADclinic therapy is meticulously curated to assist in maximising cellular and metabolic health, optimising physical and mental performance, and increasing longevity. Choose from a range of single IV infusions or extended hyper-personalised programs, delivered in one of our exclusive clinic locations, or if you prefer, at your home, office or hotel via our 5* concierge service. #Resettheclock 

Our Most Popular, Prescribed and Powerful IV Infusions

A direct route to support and alleviate a range of debilitating conditions and curiosities. Our proprietary NAD+ IV infusion protocols offer highly targeted, optimum results that are available uniformly at all our global locations.  We offer Gold standard therapies and diagnostics, that are fully aligned with our core philosophy of providing another level of preventative and predictive healthcare innovation.

Energy & Fatigue

Supercharge your physical and mental well-being and encourage greater energy supply with our range of IV infusions


Immune Boost

Discover our highly efficient and targeted therapies that boost and fortify your immune system.


Corporate Burnout

Quickly Improving cognitive function and brain fog and fatigue, you will feel sharper, more alert, and better equipped to meet the demands of everyday life. #Get your Mojo Back.

Debilitating Viruses

Ward off and reduce your chance of contracting debilitating viruses by solidifying your natural defences and fortifying your immune system.

"I am excited and extremely proud to take wellness and human performance to new levels, and to be part of NADclinic’s pioneering preventative health team. I believe there has never been a more important time to optimise our health and extend our longevity via personalised cellular health innovation"


Iain De Havilland 

CEO & Founder NADclinic Group

What is NAD+?

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