We all know by now that in order to live a healthy life we need to give our bodies the right amount of vitamins. But do we actually know the warning signs of vitamin deficiency?

Our bodies are incredibly good at letting us know when we’re deficient in something but many of us simply don’t listen to what our bodies are telling us. Or rather, we’re unaware of what to look out for. And we’re not placing blame here. Many of the signs and symptoms of vitamin deficiency can be subtle and it’s easy to ignore them or mistake them for other things.

So with that in mind, here are the most common warning signs that you have a vitamin deficiency.

Brittle hair and nails

If you’re noticing that your hair and nails have become brittle, you may have a vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen, a protein that gives shape, strength and integrity to many tissues and is the building block of fingernails, hair and teeth. A deficiency in vitamin C can result in brittle nails, as well as slowed nail growth.

Biotin is also known as vitamin B7 and helps the body convert food into energy. A deficiency in biotin is quite rare but can also cause brittle, thinning, or splitting hair and nails. Other symptoms of biotin deficiency include chronic fatigue, muscle pain, cramps, and tingling in the hands and feet. Like we said, it is quite rare but those who are most likely to suffer from biotin deficiency are pregnant women, heavy smokers or drinkers, and people with digestive disorders like Crohn’s disease.

Bleeding gums

Vitamin C deficiency can also result in bleeding gums. Now don’t panic if you go in a little too heavy with your toothbrush and see blood in the sink, but if you experience bleeding gums even whilst brushing gently, you may be lacking in vitamin C.

Vitamin C plays an important role in wound healing and immunity, and it even acts as an antioxidant, helping prevent cell damage.

Because our bodies don’t create vitamin C on their own, the only way to maintain adequate levels of it is through diet. Vitamin C deficiencies are rare in individuals who consume enough fresh fruits and vegetables. However, many people fail to eat enough fruits and vegetables each day or don’t convert vitamins efficiently through food.

Red or white bumps on the skin

Have you noticed red or white bumps across your skin? You may be suffering from keratosis pilaris. And it may be due to a vitamin deficiency.

It’s a condition that causes goosebump-like bumps to appear on the cheeks, arms, thighs, or buttocks. These little bumps may also be accompanied by corkscrew or ingrown hairs.

The cause of these little bumps is still not fully understood, but it’s been observed in people with diets low in vitamins A and C.

Fatigue and tingling extremities

If you’re suffering from extreme fatigue and pins and needle-like feelings in your hands and feet, you may be B12 deficient. It can also cause mental problems like depression, memory loss and mood swings. A diet that includes meat, fish and dairy products usually provides enough vitamin B12, but people who do not regularly eat these foods can become deficient. Additionally, some people cannot effectively absorb B12 from foods and may need injections. B12 deficiency is an important one to address because if it’s left untreated, the symptoms can worsen and can often become irreversible. 

NAD+ vitamin infusions

If you want to ensure your body has the right levels of vitamins, one of the best ways is through a NAD+ vitamin infusion.

NADclinic’s vitamin immune booster is packed full of critical vitamins, amino acids and essential minerals plus a full dose of the super coenzyme NAD+. The infusion utilises immune boosting ingredients to support your immune system and helps deter illness. This IV contains a powerful Amino Blend with the addition of three powerful B vitamins along with a strong dose of the body’s most powerful antioxidant, glutathione, added at the end of the intravenous therapy.

We also offer a comprehensive vitamin blood test to check your levels of B vitamins (B1, B2, B6 and B12), folic acid (B9) and vitamin C, as well as checking your antioxidant status.

To find out more about NAD+ Immune Boosting IV Therapy or our blood tests contact NADclinic.