Festival season can be pretty hard on the body. The summer heat, the alcohol, the fast food and the lack of sleep all add up to leave us feeling a little worse for wear. That’s why even the most hardcore festival goers are turning to vitamin IV infusions to renergise and rehydrate themselves throughout festival season.

At this year’s Coachella festival, a mobile drip clinic was on hand offering hydration and hangover drips and many celebrities have been known to head for an IV infusion after Glastonbury.

How does a vitamin IV infusion help you feel your best this festival season?


Fatigue, headache, brain fog, nausea - they’re all part and parcel of a hangover but they’re all pretty much down to dehydration. A vitamin IV infusion is an excellent way to rehydrate and combat all of these symptoms which is why it's commonly known as a hangover IV or hangover infusion.

Immunity boost

We’re living in a post-COVID world, and in fact, new variants are constantly cropping up and cases are still rising in certain areas. With that in mind, it’s important to ensure your immune system is fighting fit during festival season. Alcohol, lack of sleep and poor diet can all take a toll on your immune system and being surrounded by so many people, sharing toilets and other facilities and not having the best hygiene standards can leave you susceptible to all kinds of viruses and bugs. But a vitamin IV is a fantastic way to boost your immune system and keep you healthy throughout festival season.


Festivals can be exhausting events regardless of your age but once you’re out of your early 20s, your energy levels seriously dip and you can't physically and mentally recover as quickly as you did when you were younger. Vitamin IV infusions help you get that energy back leaving you physically and mentally prepared for either another day of festivities, or your regular work/life balance.

Book your vitamin IV infusion

Vitamin IV infusions can get you through festival season. We recommend opting for an infusion before you go, and another after so you’re really fighting fit. And if you’re going hardcore this summer with multiple festivals - make sure you top up in between! At NADclinic, we have a range of IV infusions that can boost your immunity and leave you rehydrated and re-energised. We utilise the powerful molecule NAD+ in our IV infusions to create infusions unlike any other. Browse our range of vitamin IV infusions and get prepped for festival season today.