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hyper-personalised IV programmes

Our clinic offers revolutionary NAD+ IV therapy and vitamin injections to help improve your physical and mental health and wellbeing. Choose from single IV infusions, infusion programs or bespoke infusions delivered at our clinic or if you prefer, at your home.

Whether you want to fight the signs of ageing, give yourself a much needed energy boost, or you’re looking to tackle something more specific, such as detoxing, our clinical team can help you choose the right IV infusion or vitamin injection for you.

Popular, prescribed and powerful IV PROGRAMMES

A direct route to combat a range of symptoms, our IV infusions offer targeted treatments with optimum results. We offer stand alone treatments or carefully curated programmes for accelerated results.

Fight chronic fatigue where it hurts

Energy & Fatigue IV PROGRAMMES

Want better, brighter skin?


Burning the candle at both ends?


Covid & Illness

Win The Battle With Long Covid

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“I’d like to tell you a little about how I came across an enzyme that we all naturally produce in our bodies, that has changed my life, and that I believe has the potential to revolutionise the health and well-being of the world…


Professsor Dr Philip


Global Medical Director NADClinic

What Is Nadclinic?

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Take a proactive approach to your health, optimise your mental clarity and stay ahead of game. Speak to one of our experienced wellness practitioners today about restoring and optimising your body’s natural balance.

We don’t just cure: we prevent

Studies prove that restoring levels of NAD+ in your cells has benefits for your brain and body, helping repair DNA, protect brain cells from damage, reduce inflammation and prevent ageing. By keeping your NAD+ levels up, you can prevent or at least slow down the onset of many age-related symptoms and illnesses. At NADclinic, we are ushering in a new era of preventive and regenerative health and wellness therapy.


Helps relieve some of the symptoms and side effects of various illnesses such as:

  • Parkinson’s
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Immunity Issues

Brain-Destroying Diseases

Assists in alleviating brain-destroying disease such as:

  • Alcohol
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Cronic Stress
  • Addiction
  • Cronic Fatigue
  • PTSD
  • Alzheimer’s

Numerous Therapeutic Benefits

Promotes health and wellness related to:

  • Anti-ageing
  • Cell Regeneration
  • Skin Lightening &
  • Brightening
  • Weight Loss
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Improved
  • Concentration &
  • Focus
  • Energy Level
  • Increase

Clinic News, Advice and Research

Here we bring you updates to our worldwide clinic, including new cutting edge therapies and treatment programmes. Plus health and wellness advice backed by science and peer reviewed research that helps us stay on top of our game.


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