Super Vitamin Immune Booster

Stress, excessive food intake, exhaustion, and a sedentary lifestyle – we’re a little guilty of it all. This isn’t just physically draining on us; our cells feel the pressure too. That’s where our IV Vitamin Infusion comes in…

NADclinic’s Super Vitamin IV drip gives your cells renewed vitality. It boosts your body with the crucial vitamins, minerals and amino acids it needs to get back on form. You’ll benefit from:

  • Beautiful looking skin
  • Enhanced mental performance
  • Boosted physical energy
  • Improved wellbeing
  • Increased physical and mental ability
  • Supports fitness, aesthetic and weight loss goals

When our cells start feeling the strain, they generate less energy, are less able to repair themselves, and age quicker. NADclinic offer a way to get them performing back at their very best.

Our IV vitamin infusion has been proven to be more effective at absorbing vitamins, minerals and amino acids than standard oral supplements. We’ll deliver an infusion directly into your body, topping you up with these essentials.

Our NAD+ super Vitamin Infusion will have you looking and feeling your best.

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