Jet Lag IV Infusion

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, there’s always the risk of the crippling effects of jet lag. Hopping across time zones isn’t good for us. The solution? NAD+ Jet Lag infusion, for a quick, reliable pick-me-up when a flight places strain on your mind and body.

Everyone has a circadian rhythm – the natural movement of our sleep/wake cycles. When we travel for long periods, this can change. Particular time zones force us out of this rhythm, affecting our physical and mental abilities.

NAD+ is a powerful coenzyme that restores energy and lets us sleep more soundly. It’s produced in cells, but this can diminish as we age. NADclinic’s Jet Lag IV infusion gives you an immediate dose that means jet lag never holds you back.

NADclinic’s Circadian Rebalance Formula

We’ve designed a chemical composition that includes everything you need when jet lag sets in. Forget lethargy, headaches or a troubled rest; they won’t be an issue anymore. Each infusion is packed with nutrients and stimulating properties, tailored to fight fatigue.

The result? Nothing comes between you and a day full of meetings or sightseeing. You’ll stay sharp, whatever journey you’re making.

Our NAD+ Jet Lag IV infusion makes all the difference. You’ll benefit from:

  • Enhanced mental performance
  • Boosted physical energy
  • Greater quality sleep
  • Improved memory
  • Fewer headaches
  • Reduced effects of chronic fatigue

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