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NADclinic Hangover Relief

Can’t get out of Bed or off the Floor? Kickstart your day and rid your body from the effects of a heavy night out with our NAD+ Hangover Relief.

Wash last night away
with NADclinic’s
IV drip hangover
relief infusion

One of the reasons we get a hangover in the first place is our body’s inability to metabolize the alcohol we consume. To do this, NAD+ needs to be converted to NADH within our cells but a large intake of alcohol can cause an imbalance in our cells with too much NADH and too little NAD+. In short, our cells are no longer capable to efficiently metabolize which affects glucose utilization and electrolyte balance.

Our NAD+ iv drip hangover relief infusion ensures your body has all the NAD+ it needs to recover.

Here are just some of the amazing benefits you will enjoy from our iv drip hangover relief infusion:

  • Improved mental performance
  • Increased physical energy
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced memory loss
  • Fewer headaches
  • Reduced effects of chronic fatigue

Hangover Relief IV Infusion

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The Science

NAD+ is a super coenzyme and critical molecule found within all our cells and is essential for regulating cellular ageing and maintaining proper function of the whole body. Levels of NAD+ have been proven to diminish significantly over time.

Our levels of NAD+ dramatically decrease as we grow older. In fact, by the time we’re 50 years old, we have around 50% less NAD+ than we did when we were 25 years old. NAD+ is fundamental for managing our ageing process, as well as decreasing other important ageing elements including DNA damage and illness.

The key enzyme our body has in the fight to metabolize alcohol is alcohol dehydrogenase which lives in our liver and mitochondria. In order for this enzyme to function at all, crucial nutrients that enable the recycling of NAD are required.

Our unique
Party Fix Formula

Our Party Fix Formula is at the cutting edge of NAD+ science and includes all the additional the smart nutrients required to restore cognition and proven to overcome the very worst of hangover situations. Our proprietary “Party Fix” is the ultimate IV hangover relief infusion for combatting an overwhelming feeling of discomfort. This IV infusion is guaranteed to overcome the worst of days.

With our unique formula, the body gets a fast-push of the nutrients it needs and allows them to quickly enter our cells where they can begin to alcohol dehydrogenase and detoxify the liver. That morning hangover is more to do with a nutrient imbalance in your cells rather than dehydration. NAD+ Hangover Relief speeds up the time it takes for those hangover symptoms to disappear.

Hangover Relief IV Infusion

To book this treatment, please enter the number of attendees and select your preferred date and time.

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