NAD+ Executive High Flyer Plus IV Infusion Program

Our NAD+ based IV protocol has been specially developed to enhance success, mental clarity and physical performance for those who need it most. A favourite amongst senior executives, city traders, showbiz personalities & successful entrepreneurs our NAD+ High flyer infusion will enable you to rediscover your best self.

Your infusion program will be administered over multiple days. Please select the preferred date of your next visit.

Sustaining performance

Sustaining performance & KPI’s and maintaining continued success invites stress, strain and wear on our minds and bodies. Burnout is common for high achievers, however maintaining your edge and delivering consistent results is critical.

Our Executive High Flyer IV infusion will regenerate your brain and optimise you mentally, strengthening your neurotransmitters to battle against the stresses of a busy modern lifestyle with our “Executive Plus” infusion program you’ll rediscover enhanced memory function, focus and clarity.

In the world of hustle, grind, and waking up at 5:00 am, energy is everything. And between back to back work meetings, family, and self-care, it seems like we never have enough of it. The reality of the modern way of life is as follows: energy = productivity.

The more energy we have, the better we can perform and the more we are able to invest in our nearest and dearest short-term and long-term priorities.

The NADclinic IV team empathises with the grand demands of your life, and we’re here to help you optimise your energy so you can crush your goals at work, home and in the gym.
These five jaw-dropping statistics prove how low energy levels are negatively affecting work performance and productivity throughout all industries:

  • 80% of business executives sourly admit to not working at their optimal energy levels on a daily basis.
  • 76% of people report feeling tired at work
  • 43% of UK Nationals are too tired to perform their functions safely at work
  • 60% of workers admit to making mistakes because they are tired

To be a top-performer, you need to learn how to increase your day-to-day energy, and understanding what NAD is, why NAD therapy works, and how it can benefit your lifestyle is a great place to start.

Our Executive Plus High Flyer Programme is specifically formulated to support weary senior executives requiring sustained energy, enhanced vitality, performance and success. Rediscover your best days, either at work or on the playing field, and refresh & experience a mental & physical reboot.

The programme includes:

  • 5 powerful NAD+ based IV infusions over 5 days (or to fit around your schedule)
  • 2 hours average administration per session
  • Free consultation with the NAD Doctor
  • In-clinic or on-demand to a location that suits you, such as hotel, home or work
  • Regenerate your brain
  • Increased energy
  • Fight fatigue and burnout
  • Natural detox and anti-craving
  • Cell and DNA repair
  • Refresh & revitalise
  • Rediscover your top form

If everyone looks to you to deliver but your mojo and vitality are starting to slip, this could well be the solution you need. Rediscover your mental clarity and be your best self.

To be a top-performer, you need to learn how to increase your day-to-day energy

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