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Meet the leading members of the NADclinic team, helping to deliver wellness on demand

  • Iain De Havilland

    Founder & CEO

    Iain De Havilland is driven in his quest for “Living Well Longer” and constantly looking for ways to better improve our R.O.T (Return on Time).

    NADclinic Limited was established to utilise the technological advancements made within the IT sector to deliver highly efficient and class-leading nutrient & hydration infusion treatments to the general public on an “On Demand” basis.

    Since discovering NAD+ and the extraordinary & numerous benefits the super coenzyme offered him personally a couple of years ago, entrepreneur Iain decided to set up

  • Dr Saskia H. Kloppenburg Vieth

    NAD Doctor

    Consultant in General internal Medicine and Specialist in Complementary Cancer Care MBBS, MRCIM (Spain), MSc Homeopathy, MFHom, Master Practitioner in Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming, MSc in Nutrition GMC reg. number: 7541548

    Dr Kloppenburg was born in Germany and raised in Spain where she completed her medical studies and specialist training. After becoming a consultant she decided to expand her field of expertise by training in complementary therapies and Nutrition (MSc). She works part-time for NHS at the Royal London Hospital (department of complementary cancer care) alongside NAD clinic. Dr Kloppenburg has taken on the role to be the medical supervisor, coordinating medical processes and deliver training support to all medical members.

  • Yuqi Feng


    Yuqi Feng is responsible for leading the company’s business operations, executing Nadclinic’s business strategy and ensuring operational excellence. Prior to joining NADclinic Ltd, Ms Feng was employed as Head of Asia Operations for SVS Securities Plc London since March 2015, and before this has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in Fintech & operations within the UK banking and finance sector. So what led me to become interested in a completely different field like nutrition, IV vitamins and Functional Medicine?

    “A couple of years I had a serious health problem that required an extensive number of medical tests. It turned out there wasn’t much I could take in terms of “conventional” medicine, so I started learning a lot about vitamins and nutrients. My goal was to apply that knowledge to improve my own health.”

    This is when I encountered Iain De Havilland and his passion for NAD+. Sure enough, NAD+ IV nutrient therapy did help and became a part of my overall approach to treatment that included other modalities like diet, NAD+ oral supplements and stress management. I am now fully recovered and have never felt more energised in my entire life. I am passionately looking forward to the years ahead, introducing & educating people around the globe to the amazing benefits and life-changing properties of NAD+.

  • Ruby Bangal

    Head of Partnerships

    Ruby Bangal has over 12 years of experience within the business development field, holding key knowledge within the medical and wellness industry and the world of Fin-tech.

    Her personal profile has been built through working on a national level, expanding businesses across the UK. Ruby is now working with NAD clinic to expand the reach of the business, raise awareness and deliver franchise opportunities.

  • Amy Wild

    Head of business development

    Amy Wild is an accomplished Sales and Marketing professional, she prides herself on her strong and lasting business relationships and thrives on creating new business opportunities.

    With sixteen years of experience in Business Development, she has worked within many sectors, notably the travel industry. She worked for Finland's national airline, Finnair and was personally approached by Manchester Airport to create a corporate sales team within their Aviation development department.

    On a personal level and as a hobby to assist her in her passion for fell running and mountain climbing she completed a level three personal training certificate, this is where her interest in NADCLinic sparked and the health benefits NAD+provide. To Amy, aiding the NADClinic Brand to grow matches her own health and wellness beliefs and feels very much to her like a 'natural synergy.'

  • Leoni Volschenk

    Project Manager, Cape Town

    Leoni’s background in logistics and project management makes her key in the support of NADclinic SA. Leoni is an early adopter and loves new technology and finding ways to improve. Challenging the status quo is part of her motto and is no different from her view on healthy living. She has to leave a process or person better than what she found them.

  • Sary

    COO, NADclinic Cape Town

    With her background in occupational health and a master’s in business administration, Sary manages the NAD+ Cape Town clinic in a hands-on way. She has over 25 years’ experience in the field of health care.

    With 10 years of international intensive nursing care experience, she realises the importance of the prevention of chronic illnesses. Sary has a passion for healthy living and sharing her success with others.

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