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NADclinic Partner Berlin

Visit Our NADclinic Partner in Berlin

Driven By Science For Your Better Self

You are in the best of hands with us: Many years of experience and professionalism characterize the specialists and the team at Metropolitan Aesthetics in Berlin and Cologne. Get an overview of our team on this page.

From breast augmentation to facelift to hair transplantation: We will be happy to advise you in detail on our comprehensive range of services in Berlin and Cologne as well as on all topics relating to plastic and aesthetic surgery or cosmetic surgery.

We combine NAD+ with our well known METROBOOST Infusion-concept for your better self.

NAD+ and METROBOOST infusions for increased vitality, resilience & energy

Wellbeing is the elementary key concept for understanding one's own well-being and personal quality of life. In essence, it is about being able to enjoy a fulfilled, good life. As a prerequisite for this, physical health, physical fitness and emotional satisfaction with oneself, one's skin and one's body (beauty) must be in harmony.

We combine the best Tools on the market (METROBOOST (MEBO) & NAD+) to actively promote this balance between health, fitness and beauty while optimizing and perfecting the body's own potential and capabilities (growth). Hence the motto: Get the best out of you!

Meet the Team in Berlin

Dr. Volker Rippmann

Medical Lead of the Metropolitian Aesthetics Group Board | Certified Plastic Surgeon

Christian Rössing

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon | Expert in regenerative medicine

NADclinic Partner Berlin


Metropolitan Aesthetics
Charlottenstraße 62
10117 Berlin


Call us +49 (0) 30 60936280

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In clinic:
Monday - Thursday : 09.00 am - 5.00 pm
Friday: 09.00 am - 3.00 pm

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Phone: +49 (0) 30 60936280
Email:  [email protected]

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Our Infusions & Therapies in Berlin

Our Infusions & Therapies in Berlin

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