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Beauty IV Infusions

IV Therapy for Beauty

You feel your best when you look your best. Discover the regenerative power of our beauty IV infusions and glow from within. Whether it’s your hair or skin, we can help you look and feel like the very best version of you - revitalised and radiant.

Hair Rejuvenation IV Programme

Duration - 5 sessions, 40-60 min per session Price - From £2,400

Whether it’s age, stress, genetics, or hormones, that’s causing your hair to thin or fall out, our hair rejuvenation IV infusion can help.


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Skin Brightening IV Programme

Duration - 8 sessions, 30-40 min per session Price - From £2,000

Target areas of hyperpigmentation and even out skin tone with our NAD+ Skin Brightening IV Infusion.

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Not sure which IV Infusion is best for you? Let us help

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You’re in Safe hands

At NADclinic, it all starts with a consultation. Here, our team of experts will help identify low nutrient levels and other underlying health issues, before putting together a tailored program to help restore your NAD+ to optimum levels.

Just a few short days after you’ve had NAD+ IV Therapy, you’ll enjoy enhanced focus, memory and performance, as well as increased energy and better mental clarity. In short, you’ll feel like a new person.

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