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Hair loss treatment

Targeted hair loss treatments for optimum results

Hair loss can be a particularly distressing issue for both men and women but through our targeted treatments, we can give you effective and long lasting results to enhance your confidence and increase life performance. We offer a range of hair loss treatments depending on your issues and hair goals. Our hair loss specialists will be able to recommend the right treatment to give you optimum results.

Hair Analysis

Duration - 20 mins Price - From £500

We’ll analyse your hair to get to the root of your hair loss to ensure we create a bespoke and highly effective hair loss treatment plan that will get you the results you want.

Hair Rejuvenation IV Programme

Duration - 5 sessions, 40-60 min per session Price - From £2,400

Whether it’s age, stress, genetics, or hormones, that’s causing your hair to thin or fall out, our hair rejuvenation IV infusion can help.


PRP Injection for Hair Loss

Duration - 90 minutes Price - From £590

Our PRP injection is a cutting-edge regenerative treatment for individuals dealing with thinning hair and hair loss.

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