NAD+ is a coenzyme found in all living cells. It is required for the fundamental biological process that makes life possible and is a critical molecule in every cell in the human body. It helps manage our aging process, repairs damaged DNA, helps us fight illness and allows our cells to metabolise food into the energy our bodies need, and regulates circadian rhythms.

NAD+ therapy used to promote mental alertness, help anti-aging and assist in the recovery of drug and alcohol dependency. There are a variety of treatments available can be used to help fight allergies, combat exhaustion, jet lag, and assist recovery from illness, hangovers and the effects of dehydration.

In the US companies have been offering intelligent nutrient IV therapies to restore your mind and body through a range of different treatments designed to deliver body hydration. Such treatments have started to become mainstream in the US and were prominently featured in the TV series Billions.

In the UK such infusion treatments are only just starting to be offered. NADclinic took advantage of this by building an intelligent nutrient therapy service through a franchise model linked to mobile app technology.

The technology will assist customers to find their nearest NADclinic outlet, book treatments and appointments even select the nurse they want to give them the treatment and pay via the NAD App. It will additionally be able to link their appointment destination to Google maps to navigate them to the clinic for treatment.

In much the same way as Uber has managed to simplify how you order a taxi, NADclinic are looking to change the way clients book and receive their treatments. Even down to the ability to arrange for a qualified nurse to come to you to treat you in the comfort and convenience of your own home, office or hotel room.