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27 Wimpole Street
Marylebone London

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Low-level laser therapy
Glutathione Push Injection
NAD+ Concentrated Vitamin C Infusion Program
Bespoke NAD+ IV Infusion Program
NAD+ Executive High Flyer Plus IV Infusion Program
Fat Burner Injection
Vitamin B Injection
NAD+ Alcohol Detox IV Infusion Program
NAD+ Skin Brightening IV Infusion Program
NAD+ Hair Rejuvenation IV Infusion Program
Anti Ageing IV Infusion
Anti Fatigue IV Infusion
Signature NAD+ Detox
NAD+ Fat Burner IV Program
Fat Burner IV Infusion
Super Vitamin Immune Booster
Jet Lag IV Infusion
Vitamin Blood Profile
Well Man Blood Profile
Mineral Blood Profile
Heavy Metal Blood Profile
Essential Blood Profile
Well Woman Blood Profile

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