Life Without Limits

Modern living takes its toll on our bodies. Ageing, fatigue and poor wellbeing can get in the way of leading the life you want. Stress, travel and alcohol are just some of the factors that deplete essential molecules from our cells, including the all-important coenzyme: NAD+.

NADclinic was formed to make NAD+ infusions fit around your lifestyle. Our mobile IV therapies give you a vital boost of NAD+ – along with other essential nutrients – whenever you need it, prolonging the look and feel of youth.

Our bespoke infusions and injections are designed to enrich your health and wellbeing, with a personal, convenient service that brings the best in modern medicine to you.

Here’s how it works:

To begin with, book your very first NADclinic therapies at one of our clinics with one of our expert doctors and nurses.

Once you’ve had your first in-clinic IV infusion, you can then use the NADclinic On Demand app to order NADclinic IV therapies to wherever you are!

Who We Are

We’re pioneers in the UK and European market, designing programmes so you can heal yourself your way. Our bespoke solutions put your wellbeing first, with a number of therapies to combat the effects of everyday life.

Our team ensure you’re pampered personally and professionally. From the initial medical assessment to support from our specially trained nurses, we do everything we can to make your visit safe, comfortable and convenient.

You can also visit our clinic at Upper Wimpole Street in London.

What Is NAD+ IV

You might not know it, but NAD+ is an essential part of your body. This activated form of vitamin B3 lives in every single cell. NAD+ helps to repair DNA, manage calcium levels, limit the strain on your energy, and combat harmful, unstable radicals.

A powerful antioxidant, NAD+ is the body’s ultimate bodyguard. In the long term, it provides the armour to ageing and diseases caused by oxidative damage, like cancer. But our NAD+ levels decline with age.

With depleted resources, our cells are hindered and unable to naturally repair themselves as they ought to. As a result, the signs of ageing become more noticeable.

The capabilities of NAD+ are endless. In fact, it could be said to be as important as oxygen to our cells. That’s why it’s vital to maintain NAD+ levels in the body, especially if you lead a hectic lifestyle.

Working with the
industry’s finest

NADclinic’s comprehensive range of products and services are delivered in collaboration and partnership with international industry leaders and highly experienced local agencies.

All NADclinic supplements are produced in a fully FDA compliant facility and tested by North West University, Pharma-Q and Cenqam.

We are also proud partners of Intravita, Independent Nursing Services Ltd and Alclin (Pty) Ltd S.A., members of the Health Products Association of South Africa.